Case of tree felling reached in Bengal, study committee formed

Considering the safety and convenience of the common people in West Bengal, the Supreme Court ordered a two-member committee to study in this regard, hearing the case of over 4 thousand trees harvesting for the expansion of the railway over bridge and the national highway.  

Hearing the case led by Justice SA Bobde, the Supreme Court ordered the formation of a two-member committee to study the entire case. The committee members will be Som Pandya and Professor Mukherjee. This committee will have to present its report in court. The next hearing of the case will be held on 18 January.

Actually, this petition was filed in the Supreme Court against the order of Calcutta High Court, on which this decision was given. The Calcutta High Court had approved the construction of the railway bridge and the National Highway. Due to the approval of the construction of railway bridge and national highway by the High Court, the way of cutting more than 4 thousand trees was cleared for this and a petition was filed to stop the implementation of this decision.

While hearing the tree cutting case in Bengal, Chief Justice Justice S. A. Bobde said that human life is more important than trees. But in a year, consider the price of the huge trees that give oxygen, from the market price.

Expressing concern over cutting of trees by planting trees to raise resources due to increasing population, CJI Bobde said that when you cut a heritage tree, imagine the value of the amount of oxygen produced by the tree in all these years. He pointed out how 4000-year-old trees were cut down to build depots at Aarey Colony in Mumbai and to construct Nagpur-Jabalpur highway.

Hearing the case of being allowed to cut trees to build 5 overbridges on the Bangladeshi border in West Bengal, the Supreme Court said that if you want to buy oxygen from somewhere else, then you have to pay for the same amount of oxygen tree Will, compare it. Human life is more lovely for us than trees. On one side is the safety and convenience of the public and on the other side is the environment and life. We must see how environmental damage can be saved?

The Supreme Court has constituted a four-member committee which will assess the environmental damage caused by their construction. In addition, she will also see the option of how this loss can be reduced. This committee will submit the report to the Supreme Court in 5 weeks.


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